Beit Byout is the first festival of Live Role-playing (larp) in Palestine!
It will be held in Ramallah from Thursday 3. - Saturday 5. October 2013.


Larp? What is that?

Larp is a form of improvisational activity where we in cooperation play out a story through playing different characters. For a more thorough explanation, see What is larp?

The Festival

Beit Byout will be a festival with a number of larps from Palestine and the Nordic countries. In addition there will be some workshops that can help you explore how to play or make larps.

Some of the larps that will be played are the result of The Palestinian Larp Writer Challenge.

When and where 

  • Dates: Thursday 3. - Saturday 5. October, 2013
  • Venue: Will be announced later (Ramallah, Palestine)


Who can join?

We welcome all Palestinian, Nordic, Belarussian and Czech larpers. If you want to join, fill in the Sign-up form.
If you have never larped before, this can be your first larp!

Week in Palestine

Before the festival there will be a possibility for visitors from abroad to spend some days in Jerusalem, Ramallah and sourrounding areas. We will organize some tours and you will have time to explore on your own.


Beit Byout is organized by a group af Palestinian and Nordic larpers and The Peace and Freedom Youth Forum in cooperation with the Norwegian organization Fantasiforbundet.